Steel Drum Connection is a booking agency that focuses on the diverse ethnic, musical performers that live right here in the Bay Area. The agency’s mission is to make available and coordinate the services of these traditional, professional entertainers.

Steel drum music will spice up your party with the sounds of the warm Caribbean!

The Steel drums will bring that tropical flavor to your party, wedding, corporate event, or any celebration where you want positive vibes!

Calypso steel drums are played by themselves or with a band (keyboards, bass, drums, guitar and horns).

You can hire a solo steel drum, a steel drum duo, trio, or up to a six piece steel drum band.

Some steel drum bands may include fire eaters, belly dancers, and even stilt walkers, and LIMBO DANCERS!!

Steel Drum Band booking reservations in San Francisco, North Bay and Sacramento

This will surely add a new dimension to your party! So if you’re looking for unique live entertainment, hire a steel drum band!

No Electricity No Problem!! Acoustic Steel drum band will play ANYWHERE! We take care of any power needs. Steel Drum Connection musicians are professional courteous and on TIME.

History of the Steel Drum Band

The steel drum band instrument was originated on the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1946. Ellie Mannette, a native of the island, is credited with being the very first person to invent his “pan” or often called “steel drum” out of the now standard 55 gallon steel pan drum.

The steel drum (or often called “steel pan” ) is the only musical instrument (acoustic ) invented in the 20th century.

Steel drums are made right from used oil/water drums. The construction of a steel pan or steel drum instrument is a very time consuming endeavor.

The steel drum band is composed of steel drum instruments covering the full range of a conventional band or we like to say steel drum orchestra.

Steel Drum or “Steel Pan” music includes not only calypso and Caribbean music, but also can include classical, pop music, and jazz, all with sounds of the steel pan or steel drum instrument in distinctive rhythm types

Six types of steel drums make up the steel drum band, including guitar, bass, tenors, cellos, six pan, and rhythm section.


Hiring the right steel drum band can be difficult, but Michael Corbett makes it fun and easy! Here are five helpful tips for booking the perfect steel drum band for your special event:

1. Listen to audio and watch video of as many steel drum bands as you can. steel drum bands are plentiful that Michael Corbett knows of, and the typical steel drum band has multiple audio and video samples available here.

2. Michael Corbett clients who have hired a steel drum band have left useful and positive feedback about their experiences, ask Michael to find out the best steel drum bands in the bay area.

3. Book early. A great steel drum band might need to be booked 1 to 3 months in advance. Michael Corbett can often beat the larger booking agents and get you a steel drum band quick.

4. Get a contract and read it carefully. Most professional steel drum bands will also require a deposit in order to secure them. Michael Corbett is very professional when it comes to taking care of all the details – he has been doing this for 20+ years.

5. Follow up with Michael Corbett as often as you need to. Don’t be shy about making sure Michael Corbett knows exactly what type of entertainment you want!

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